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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! My new year resolution? To be good and to do good. I feel like 2013 is a year to show the new sides of Janani. Hahaha not like I've been hiding something or anything. Or am I? -den den den- Okay but seriously I wish to do something good, like achieve something and I'm not talking like academically. I mean I do want to do well in my studies but I'm talking about other aspects. Not sure what but it will come otw, I hope. Anyways new year wishes, as expected to do well in O's and have more $$$ and maybe more concerts? Haha ok no it's O'level year so cannot. FOCUS! Still can't believe that I'm a Sec 4 student now...

So school's starts in less than 20 hours. Excited? Not really, but I am excited for orientation!! So cousin's coming to yuan ching next this year. It's like my sister graduates and here comes another family member. Oh and he's planning on joining drama. I shouldn't say planning because he is already determined to join drama. Errr not sure to be happy or sad.. I'm happy because I don't know, I feel so superior being my cousin's senior LOL ok I'm weird. But also kind of sad? No, more like confused, because I'm afraid I won't be able to be myself if he joins drama. ELDDS is the only time where I open up myself and all, so it would be kind of awkward for him to be observing that image of mine. Is it me or am I just too paranoid?

Okay moving on, Orlando was awesome! Will blog about it later after orientation maybe. I really can't wait for orientation, only thing I look forward to when school re-opens hehe but then again it's going to be a stressful year this year so I have to get myself prepared. Oh and I have mentioned that I have yet to complete my holiday homeworks?

P/S edited my blogskin a bit if you didn't notice. not much difference (tho i did a whole new profile for myself) but still heh

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