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During SHINee's juliette performance, there was a spotlight going around the audience at the seating gallery. All of a sudden, it was bright. Not dark but bright. I couldn't see the stage anymore. I looked up and my eyes were almost blinded by the light. Everything was so freaking bright. I then realised that the spotlight was on me. Hah, as if, I'm obviously dreaming right but eh no i wasn't, MY FACE was on the 3 freaking big screens. OUT OF THOUSANDS OF FANS, THE SPOTLIGHT WAS ON ME?! DAFUQ IS THIS?! The SHINee members were all looking at my direction..... and they were singing to me. OMG i'm their freaking juliette?!?? ME?! JANANI D/O THARRMARAJA IS THEIR FREAKING JULIETTE?! wait, SHINee finally knows my existence... SHINEE FREAKING KNOW ME NOW WTF IS THIS............................

Okay I lied. Obviously, none of that happened. Did you really think I would be so lucky enough to have SHINee knowing my existence? Yet alone have a spotlight on me and have them singing Juliette while looking at me?! Haha what a joke, even I know that will never happen in my entire life except in my dreams maybe haha

Couldn't use the computer or blog the past two days because relatives from Malaysia stayed over and it would be rude to do so. They just left and so here I am to blog about #smtownsg. This is going to be a really long post. You have been warned.

So yes, I finally met the love of my life, SHINee (sort of). I shall blog from when it all started. So I was walking home one day. As usual, I walking while using my phone and I saw a tweet on twitter saying that SMTOWN is coming to Singapore and that there's gonna be an SMTOWN concert here in Singapore. SAY WHUT

I went home and told my sister and we both fangirl-ed saying how WE NEED TO GO to this concert and how WE HAVE TO SEE THE SM ARTISTES. Soon after, ticket prices were released, and we broke the news to our parents. We were trying to convince them to let us go saying that it's super worth it because we can get to see so many artistes on one night and how this only happens once in a lifetime. We managed to convince them and they said if we both had money, we could go. So we were both ready to get money from our bank and couldn't wait to get our hands on the tickets.

On the day before the public ticket sales which was on 2/10, we stayed up till 12am (it was 1/10 before 12am) to get the tickets. Even borrowed my dad's credit card to use for the online booking. When the clock striked 12, we chiong-ed to choose the category for our tickets and blah blah blah but the freaking sistic website was so screwed up !@#$%^&*(! The website kept getting hanged and the tickets were running out fast. I didn't even mind getting cat 5 (quite far away) tickets. So when I finally managed to get two cat 5 tickets, we proceeded with the payment and whatever shit. Then, the credit card was the problem. It couldn't be authorized or something like that. I was so pissed off, I knew that this was not gonna work. I was almost on the verge of tears thinking 'forget it, it's fate that I will never be able to meet SHINee'. So I went to sleep after that because I had school the next day.

The next day, after school, I went home straight and mum was home. She told me to go to their room and check if my dad's credit card was in the drawer. I opened it to search for the credit card but there was an envelope instead, took it out and saw a sistic logo at the back of it. Opened it and tada! There was two freaking cat 5 #smtownsg tickets in it. I was so surprised that all I did was laugh at it. My mum was like "You happy now?". She used the same trick on my sister and she fell for it too haha. At that point I thought my life was complete, I can finally see SHINee. But then I realised, no wait my life is not complete yet! I still have yet to see BEAST irl!!!! Typical fangirl is me.

It was finally D-DAY! 23 November 2012. The day I've been waiting for, for 4 years. I had a family meeting (2013 Sec 1 orientation) in the morning at Taman Jurong CC. Went to eat lunch with Keerthana after that and find for 'glow in the dark' paint for my fanboard (that I did the previous night) which I know they won't be able to see but who cares haha. But sadly I couldn't find any so I just bought glowsticks instead.

Went home and tried to work on my fanboard. Got my sister to color the insides with a crayon while I go bathe and get ready. It was already like 3+pm and I planned to leave the house at 3.30pm. Told my sis to go bathe after that and my relatives just had to come at that timing. In the end, by the time we entered the MRT it was already 4.30pm ~_~ But thank god, we managed to reach there by 6pm. Needed to stand in line before going into the seating gallery. By the time we got to the our seats and wore all our ponchos and got ready, it was 6.40pm around there. Took quite a few pictures to past time~

Suddenly at around 7.10pm, the lights were all out. This means the concert was starting and obviously the crowd screamed. f(x) kicked of the concert with Hot Summer! After Hot Summer, f(x) did their introductions and Amber asked, "How many of you guys are hot and wet right now?" (which actually sounded so wrong hahaha) and she said, "Give it up for Luna who just took an epic fall." I SWEAR HER ENGLISH IS DA SEX AHAHA and after that Victoria talked in Chinese which I didn't understand at all haha, I was just shouting back, "XIEXIE XIEXIE XIEXIE XIEXIE" LOL

f(x) then continued with Danger and we all just sang along~ Kangta came after f(x) and everyone just waved their lightsticks even though I bet most of them didn’t know the song(like me) :X But I must say he was freaking good-looking! He actually reminded me of Leeteuk!! After singing Pine Tree(did a lil research before blogging), he did his introductions. He did it in Chinese and again, I didn't understand what he was saying, except the part when he asked if we were "HAO BU HAO?" and obviously the crowd(including me) screamed "HAOOOOOOO" and he replied, "wo ye shi" in a really shy tone. Hahaha cutie. He then continued with another Chinese song after his intro.

Zhoumi and Victoria were after Kangta. They sang another Chinese song but this time they were being moved around in the trolleys to get the stage in front of the VIP seats. While Kangta reminds me of Leeteuk, Zhoumi kinda resembles Siwon + Leeteuk :O So after acting all cutesy and stuff, they left and then came the JUNG SISTERS, Jessica and Krystal. They were so freaking gorgeous gahhhhh

5 December 2012

I started typing this post on the 25th November and after 214768909 days I finally admit that I got lazy to continue the post about #smtownsg (because there were like 50 perfomances and I've only typed out 6 so far ~.~) so I'm just gonna abruptly stop here. Sorry! You can find many fanaccounts about #smtownsg online though~

SHINEE WAS SO FREAKING AWESOME OKAY! That video was taken by me, it's SHINee's first perfomance at #smtownsg. Couldn't take the whole performance because my bitch phone ran out of memory. Even though you can't really see them, you can hear my sister and me screaming and singing along (excuse our horrible singing) like siao in that video LOLOL We were basically screaming the whole time (we did take a few breaks, max 5 seconds). At around the 0:56 mark, you can hear my sister shouting, "BEEN WAITING FOR THIS FOR FIVE YEARS OF MY FUCKING LIFE!" HAHAHAHA and if you hear my scream at around 3:53, I was already dying. Haha okay enough of my fangirling.

Moving on, last friday I went to Malaysia (Kedah) with my family to visit my relatives before flying off to the States next week. I know it's as if we're migrating and never coming back. But anyways, took a coach instead of my dad driving us there because it's only for 2 days~ It's been a long time (about a few years) since I took a coach to Malaysia! Reached Kedah on Saturday morning only to find out that most our relatives had gone to KL ~_~ Stayed over at my big uncle's house and left for Singapore on Sunday night.

Reached Singapore on Monday at around 11:45am. Supposed to reach like around 8+? But there was traffic jam -__- Went home and quickly bathed and changed. Met Rongyin at 12:50pm (it was supposed to be at 12:15 oops) and off to Tampines. Had lunch at Tampines Mall and headed to class chalet. The chalet was at Changi I think. The place was so eerie and ulu ulu. But the chalet was big and nice!! It had 4 rooms~ Couldn't BBQ much because it was raining so we basically ate mostly microwaved food (it was nice tho) and some BBQ-ed food. Left the chalet at around 9:15pm and reached home at 11:20pm. THE JOURNEY WAS LONG OKAY 2 FREAKING HOURS x.x

I've been so busy lately with all the family meetings and stuffs for Orientation 2013!! Have yet to complete all my holiday homeworks and I'm flying off in a week's time omg. I can't even be exicited for the trip because of these freaking homeworks ughhhhhhhhhh fml

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