a step closer to death
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Went bloghopping and saw a lot of people did this so I'm gonna do it too.
Repost and bold which one applies to you.

Murder or Suicide. Love or Like. Ghosts or Aliens. Sky or Space. Rules or Limits. Speak or Write. Alone or Together. Run or Walk. Light or Dark. Body or Mind. New or Old. Daredevil or Follower. Thunder or Lightning. Drown or Suffocate. Data or Information. Kill or Hurt. Respect or Ignore. Hate or Disgrace. Now or Later. Present or Future. Burn or Melt. Revenge or Success. First or Last. Afterlife or The end. Laugh or Chuckle. Smile or Smirk. Visit or Arrive. Describe or Explain. Leave or Stay. Someone or The universe. Rude or Ignorant. Help or Save. Clothing or Stationary. Change or Remain. Dramatic or Vague. Glitter or Shine. Diamonds or Coal. Science or Belief. Rest or Sleep. Teach or Learn. Hopeless or Ambitious. Buried or Burnt. Remembered or Forgotten. Understand or Sympathise. Everything or More. Finish or Continue. Tall or Average height. Underweight or Average weight. Theories or Myths. Unique or Different. Hated or Avoided. Sea or Lake. Litter or Waste. Round or Square. Easy or Difficult. Coffee or Tea. Fruits or Warm food. Classed or Graded. Above or Below. Alive or Absent.
After doing this, I realised I'm more of a pessimist than an optimist eh(even though my answers seem positive, I might be lying who knows). Gotta look more on the bright side and think more positive :/

So I'm officially fifteen (youngest in my clique) right now. My birthday was over like 3 weeks ago and I had a blast! One of the best birthdays ever haha. I actually wrote a whole blogpost on my birthday but it was way too lengthy and sort of boring so meh. I feel so old already. It feels like just yesterday that I stepped into Yuan Ching as a 12-year-old but look at me now, time really flies eh. 3 years have passed and I will be in Sec 4 next year, oh the horror! :O

For me, growing old is not an honor neither does it bring me great joy.
I'm already fifteen now and yet I have no goals in life. I have no idea what career I want to pursue or what I want to be in the near future. O's are next year and soon after my O's, I will have to choose what course I want to take for poly. I'm not even sure if I want to go JC or poly. I've always wanted to go to JC since young. However, the thought of not doing well in my O's and the stress I might have to cope with in JC is killing me. I just want a stress-free and fun life, which will be difficult to get in JC, that I know. I envy most of my friends, they have a goal in life unlike me. Most of them know what they want to be but me, I'm confused. I've no goals at all. Hais fml.

If you follow me on twitter(@shakinghearts), you'd probably know that I'm going to be going to SMTOWNSG!!! Whoop whoop can't wait. Left with only t-minus 25 hours omfg! Finally can meet the love of my life, SHINee <3 Haha okay shall blog about it after the event hehe. Will be heading to the States in december, can't wait also! Shall end my picture-less post here. Sorry for the lack of updates recently and the change of blogskin yet again(fyi, you have to click on 'starlight' for my profile etc). Oh and deepavali was fun! Relatives from Malaysia coming over this weekend, it's gonna be so fun yay.

Okay wait here's a gif of my 5 of my 11 husbands (BEAST is the other 6 fyi). Credits to tumblr.

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