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Hellooo, so end of year exams have officially ended like a week ago, and I've already gotten back all my results (so fast!). Not really satisfied with my marks -__- Especially sciences, failed BOTH Chemistry and Physics fml. BUT THANK GOD my semester 1 results pulled me up, so I passed both for overall. Only failed SA2 (still, me no likey). My EMaths was da bomb! Heh got 91/100 for SA2. So happy! First time get so high! If it was in Primary School, I would've gotten an A* LOL but the sad thing is that my semester 1 results pulled my overall down to 83 boohoo. But still, yay because there's no underlines in my report book this time!! However, I really deproved aloooooooot. Omg next year O'levels le, so not prepared.
Okay moving on, so there's a lot of things I wanna blog about, so this might be a long post. Brace yourselves. First things first, changed my blogskin yet again. Kinda similar to my previous-previous one. Sorry that I keep changing :( Okay so on the 29th September, I went to a Mid-Autumn Celebration held at Taman Jurong Greens with my mum and sis. It was kinda fun, got free lanterns and watched amazing performances. Pictures (taken from my iPhone) below.

The lion dance was AMAZING! After watching their performances, I suddenly had this high level of respect for them. The stunts they did were like super dangerous. I mean I wouldn't even dare to stand on a pole that high but they were even jumping on them. Woah *total respect*, and then there was this luminous dragon dance where the lights were dimmed and the dragon was actually glowing in the dark(sort of)! Super pretty *o*

The next two weeks were all exams exams exams. On the last day of exams, 12th October (Friday), went out with clique to celebrate the end of end-of-year exams (see what I did there?). Went to Jurong Point and had Pepper Lunch for lunch. Then headed to Zhiyee's house after that and met PEANUT. It has been a long time since we've met. Walked around Centris with the dog and then it started drizzling. So we went to her house and slacked. We were all so tired (from walking around centris lolwhut) and were actually lazing around. Played truth or dare for a while and Vic had to go for her appointment :( The rest stayed and we started braiding each other's hair. At around 4, went to mac to grab my double choco frappe and headed home ^__^

I actually have more things to blog about but maybe later. Shall end my long picture-post here. School ends in a week's time oh yeah! Goodbyeee.

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