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Currently sipping on my double chocolate that my sis bought for me from McCafe! Okay, it's been a long time since I last blogged. My laziness is coming back again Ö

Many things have happened in the past few days. Got my report book back on Thursday. Unexpected shitty results. Failed my physics wtf. Got 48/100, probably because I failed my common test which I thought was so-so. Mother Tongue de-proved. From an A2 to a B4. Dropped 2 grades!!! Highest for Tamil is ONLY 65 and I got 64. No one got an A. English is okay I guess. Many people failed English, like about half my class? Highest is also 65 ONLY and I got 60. So I guess I'm average.

I did get some satisfying results. Got an A2 for Chemistry woah! So unexpected. I normally get around B for pure chem so yay. A2 for combined humanities too. Surprisingly did better for History than Social Studies when it's always the other way round. Same goes for my sciences. My Physics was always better than my Chemistry. I am really really happy because I got an A1 for both my maths!!!! Both E-Maths and A-Maths woots! Even though it's just a low A1, I'm still satisfied :') The most saddening thing is that they gave out the report book on the first period. I was demoralised like for the whole day thanks to my shitty physics results.

On Friday was our teachers' day celebration. In the morning, it was our aces day. This year's aces day dance was different than the previous years. We always to danced boom boom pow and ymca every year. But this year we danced to moves like jagger and party rock anthem! And since the parade square was wet from the rain, we danced in the hall which was so much better. Everyone was visible and it was so fun :P

After dancing for an hour or so, we headed to class for our class party. It was kind of boring because we didn't really do much except play the 'pass the parcel' game due to time constraints. The duration for the class party was only 45 mins which was damn short -.- Mr Chin (form teacher) who is a dancer, also showed us a few videos of him dancing / choreographing. Feels so cool to have a dancer as my teacher ;)

Okay so after that, I headed to the student hub to collect the gifts that the Student Council prepared for the teachers. Missed the first part of the concert because of the mess up in giving out the gifts to the respective councillors. I think this was like the best teachers' day celebration ever, mainly because of the teachers' performance which was so epic. Yuan Ching is school full of talented teachers I swear!

Here's the video, if you want to watch(you'll regret if you don't watch):

The one who danced to fantastic baby is my form teacher, Mr Chin. Cool, no? Everyone who performed in the video is a teacher of YCSS except the one in the red baseball jacket. She's the principal of Yuan Ching. EPIC RIGHT? HAVE YOUR PRINCIPAL EVER DANCE TO GANGNAM STYLE?! I SWEAR I'M SO PROUD TO BE A YCSS STUDENT!! So basically, like almost every school in Singapore had gangnam style in their teachers' day celebration. LOL THE POWER OF PSY.

The celebration ended around 11:45am. Went to the subway outlet near Superbowl for lunch with Divya and Keerthana. Met up with some of the E3 councillors who were bowling at Superbowl. Bowled for about an hour and went to a playground to slack. Reached home like around 5++.

more pictures on facebook (make sure you're logged in to your account first)

Today is such a boring day, just stayed at home and caught up with my shows. I'm guessing that this 1 week holiday break is gonna be so boring. There's like tons of homework for me to do. I'm just gonna stay at home and probably study. End of year exams are coming in about a month's time. First exam is on the 4th of October. So term 4 is all mugging and revision time. And then next year, Sec 4 life begins. I'm so not ready for O'levels hais goodbye

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