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If you're wondering if I had changed my layout, no I didn't. I just rearranged some of the codings and TADA!

HI. COMMON TESTS ARE OVER WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO. (not counting mother tongue though, which is next week -__-)

Okay so all my common tests are over except for MT. Some of the common tests were really good, some were average, and the others were bad. meh. My first common test, EMaths was on Wednesday (1/8) and it was average, I guess. Not too bad. Apparently other classes already got their results for the EMaths test on Friday. We didn't get ours because there were some absentees and we had to wait till they complete the test. On Thursday, it was Social Studies. The test sucked. There were 2 chapters(Sri Lanka and Northern Ireland). So we had like 4 essays(2 for each chapter) in total to memorise. Other classes had their SS common test days before us (due to the difference in time-tables), and they all had the same essay question which was on Northern Ireland. So, thinking that most probably we'll get the same paper with the same essay question too, I mainly focused on N. Ireland and just glanced through Sri Lanka. And guess what? Sri Lanka came out as the essay question fml. But I managed to pull it through and wrote whatever I remembered, so let's just hope I get good results.

The following day, Friday, we had our AMaths test. It was really really awesome. I was super happy after the test. I am confident that I can get good marks but I don't want to jinx myself, so yeah. But my mood on friday was -thumbs up-! Two days ago, on Monday, we had 2 tests. And both were sciences -__- Pure physics and pure chemistry. Chem was going good until I got to the last page which was literally SHIT. THE LAST QUESTION WAS SO ASDFGHJKL@#$^\!%*&)*^$2% HARD. Physics was so-so I guess. Not too bad at the same time not too good. And yesterday was my History test which was AWESOME. I was so relieved that what I studied came out! Since my SS was shit, I can only rely on my History to pull my Combined Humanities grade up. Mother Tongue will probably be next week after the long 4-day weekend.

Okay moving on, today's the eve of National Day! So we had our NDP celebration in school today. ELDDS was performing and I was one of the performers along with the rest of the Sec 3s. We put up a skit about human values (love, honesty, peace, right conduct, etc). The skit had nothing to do with national day though. We actually thought that our skit was the lamest out of all the performances and the audience will probably not enjoy it. So we last minute modified the script a little, to make it seem funny, though we didn't really change much. However we did had responses from the audience. They seemed to have enjoyed it as there were laughters everywhere. It turned out to be great in the end.

It's 9:05PM now, and in a few hours, I'll be leaving to Malaysia with my family. I'm kinda sad that I won't get to watch the actual NDP celebration that will be broadcasted on tv tomorrow. Hais, but on the bright side, I get to visit my cousins in Malaysia whom I've never seen for the past 7 months! I really miss them, though I'm afraid that it will get kinda awkward, because of the 'never-see-each-other-for-so-long' thing. Oh and, we'll be celebrating my uncle's birthday tomorrow which is also Singapore's birthday LOL

Ok I shall end my post here. WOW THIS POST IS LONG AND WORDY, so here's a picture:


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