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I should be doing my chem homework now. Okay, so bad news. I didn't get into the 26th Student Council Executive Committee. Out of the 10 candidates, only 8 were selected and I wasn't any of them. Boohoo! Well, apparently I didn't get a lot of votes.. Oh well, there goes the chance of adding "Student Council EXCO member" into my testimonial :( Okay so like around 2 weeks back on Friday the 13th was the 26th Student Council Investiture. Since I wasn't in the EXCO, I walked with the normal sec 3 councillors. It's kind of sad to see the Sec 4s step down. But now, we are the seniors! :P Nothing much to say (cos' I can't remember what happened) so I'll just let the pictures do the talking.

Not much pictures taken on that day :/ Anyways, so exactly one week after the investiture, was the farewell session for the seniors. We played running man that day! If you don't know what running man is, you have wasted your whole life. Okay lol I'm just kidding. Running man is a korean variety show. It's like basically there's a chasing team and a mission team. Every player will have a nametag (of their names, obviously) on their back. The chasing team's job is obviously to chase the ones in the mission team and remove their nametags. Whereas for the mission team, they have to hide from the members of the chasing team to not get their nametags removed (you don't say) and at the same time complete whatever mission they are given.

In the past episodes of running man, the chasing team's members had to tie a bell to their shoes. So, it's like an advantage for the mission team. Our game of running man was like the past episodes so the chasing teams had to have a bell with them. Everyone was hand-papercuffed to someone else (yes, we were in pairs). I was with LiWen and it was damn fun!! At first, we were the chasing team so we tied a bell on our shoes but then later, our bell got cut off because there were to many chasing teams :( But overall, it was fun though.

This is the only picture I got that day (from my instagram):
the bells we used.

I shall end my post here, kinda short but I have homework to complete(meh). The light in my studyroom is not working! :( And common tests are next week (or this week(?), considering today's a Sunday). But yeah, first one up is my E-Maths common test on Wednesday. Wish me luck! Goodbye~



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