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Didn't update for quite some time. If you haven't noticed, I've changed my skin. Okay so this post is about the AEM(Advanced Elective Module) course I attended on the last week of the June Holidays at Singapore Poly. And yes, it was the first time I ever stepped foot into a polytechnic. I really regretted signing up for this course because my last week of the four-week holiday was gone just like that! But apparently, I was proved wrong because this course was really really fun.

Okay so, the course I signed up for was Perfumery & Cosmetic Science. We basically learned about the raw materials in making perfumes and cosmetics and how to make them. The first day was really exhausting especially for our noses because we were literally smelling all different kinds of raw materials that is used to make perfumes. The only fun part about this course was doing the practicals!! We made our own perfume and cosmetics like facial wash, make-up remover, moisturizer, hand cream etc etc. The lectures were really boring though.

Can't really remember what we did because this course was like 2 weeks ago. So I'll just let the pictures do the talking. The pictures were taken from my instagram btw (@shakinghearts).

And as you can see from the last picture, I've finally tried Japanese Cuisine & I'm in love with it!! <3 It's from FoodCourt 4 (Koufu) at Singapore Polytechnic and it's super yummyyyyyy. My friends and I ate fast-food for the first 3 days(Subway, McDonald's, KFC) and we were getting sick of it. So we decided to go to Koufu on the 4th day. We all went for Japanese Cuisine and I ordered Chicken Katsu with Teriyaki Sauce. It was also super cheap! It was under $4(if I'm not wrong). The teriyaki sauce was super awesome :P

Oh, and the perfume I made, smelled like the famous Johnson's Baby products. It's like as if I found out the formula to the fragrance of their products. LOL. I also took three videos. One of the videos was taken when we were adding dyes to our make-up remover. The at-first colourless make-up remover turned into this super chio lime colour. The other groups were so jealous of the colour of our product and that made me feel so proud, heh :b

The other video is also featuring our make-up remover. But this was taken when the make-up remover was put to use. I basically used lipstick and drew on my hand. Then, applied the make-up remover to see how well it removed and how long it took to remove the lipstick. My hand was super clean after applying the make-up remover! It also felt super smooth ;-)

I was going to upload both videos (excluding the last one because that is just plain boring), however, the videos are taking forever to upload. ~___~ Oh well, next time then. I shall end my post here and MAYBE I'll update my blog tomorrow about what I've been up to recently ever since school re-opened and about the 26th Student Council Presidential Elections (if you follow me on twitter, @shakinghearts, you will probably know what I'm talking about). Till then, annyeong goodbye adios.

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