26th student council presidential elections
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Hello! I'm supposed to be doing my homework now but meh. So recently, I've been very busy, especially for the whole of last week! I've been serving in my secondary school's student council for three years already and I had been nominated (with 9 other Sec3 councillors) to run for the 26th student council presidential election.

So I get a chance to be the President of the 26th Student Council or an Executive Committee(EXCO) member or none(yes, I might even get kicked out). It is not yet confirmed how many candidates will become EXCO members. It might be 5 or 6 or 8 out of the 10 candidates selected.

This campaign was kind of a rush because we were only informed one day after school re-opened on Tuesday(26/06/2012) and the Student Council Investiture is this coming Friday(13/07/2012). We only had like one week to prepare(our speeches, posters, etcetc) and another week to execute it and appeal for the students' vote.

The voting is online and it has already started on Friday and it will end in an hour's time at 5pm(it is 3:40pm currently). However, I don't think I'll be getting a lot of votes, besides my sister and her friends. Basically, because Divya is also running for this elections. She's been my classmate and best friend for 3 years already. Hence, almost all my friends are her friends and most of them are voting for her :-(

I mean who wouldn't vote for her? She vowed to make our school like Hogwarts(LOL she's a HP freak) and even added Lilo&Stitch quotes into her speech. Hopefully, my speech had garnered the attention of people I don't really know in school and hopefully they vote for me. Teachers are also allowed to vote and as far as I know, I'm not blacklisted in anyone's so-called 'naughty' list so who knows, they MIGHT vote for me.

It's okay if I'm not the president. However, I just want to at least be an EXCO member. I mean after 2 weeks of hardwork with all the campaign speeches and (embarrassing) posters all around the school, who the hell would want to be kicked out of the EXCO?! I also actually want to experience being part of the EXCO. Not forgetting, this would also be a good input for my testimonial ;-)

The results will be known tomorrow and after confirming with the teachers and all, it will be announced to us on Tuesday. And on Friday, it's the Investiture. Phewww, super nerve-wrecking!

Okay I should probably end my post and go complete my Mother Tongue composition :-( Do read my previous blogpost(posted yesterday), on the AEM course I went for during the holidays, if you have yet to read it. Goodbye!

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