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Okay, I can't say that I'm back forever. Because I don't really know when I'll be gone again. But I promise I won't close down my blog. I shall keep it for memories ;-) Anyways, why am I back to blogging? I kinda got inspired by Rachell(pxdkitty) and Peishi(speishi). I found out about them through Noah's videos and then I went bloghopping and landed on their blogs. I swear I'm jealous of these girls. They are like really enjoying their lives. Almost everyday they are out shopping or hanging out with their friends. And the places they usually go too are at town area. I rarely go to town. You see, I live in the west side. The only place where I've hung out like umpteen times with my friends is at Jurong Point -__- And I've only been to JCube like 3 times ever since it was opened. Recently, my friends and I have been heading to Clementi Mall alot. We go there for Tutti Frutti. I swear their fro-yo is super awesome.

Here's a pic to make you drool:

Okay, moving on. These girls (Rachell and Peishi) usually eat super nice, delicious, yummy-looking, high-class food which literally makes me drool whenever I read their blogposts. It's like whenever I hang out with my friends, the only food we eat is fastfood. And I don't see Rachell or Peishi posting up pictures of McDonald's meals or KFC meals or even Subway sandwiches in their blog posts. I wonder if they even eat fastfood O_O All the places they go too for food are like those Japanese restaurants for sushi and buffets. Speaking of which, I don't really like sushi. It's weird how I don't like such food yet I complain that I don't get to eat them. How contradicting haha. I have no idea why I dislike sushi. All my friends LOVE sushi and I'm like 'oh I hate sushi'. Maybe it's just not to my liking. I remember during Secondary 1 days, we used to had swimming classes every Friday at Jurong West Swimming Complex. Our swimming lessons were usually the last period and Friday is like early dismissal for the whole school. So every Friday after one hour of swimming, it'll be 12:30pm and just nice it's lunch time. So my friends and I would head up to the Japanese restaurant(Nihon Mura, if I'm not wrong) on the 4th floor to have lunch. All my friends went there to grab some sushi while I only go there for their awesome chocolate ice cream waffle.

*throwback moment*
Here's a picture I took two years ago of their chocolate & strawberry ice cream waffle :P

That ice cream waffle was really super yummyyyyyy. I'm not really the type who likes to try new things and I always judge a book by its cover. So I assumed that sushi would not taste nice. But after seeing my friends enjoying sushi, I decided to try some. Yes, I disliked sushi before I even tried it. So one day, I bought this sushi with prawn on top of it. I took my first bite and I didn't like it. Even though it was not to my liking, I still manage to gobble it down because, hey, I paid for it(tsk I'm so money-minded). Ever since then, I never tried another sushi ever again. But I've always been craving to try kimbap(a korean dish that looks really similar to sushi). My mind keeps telling me that kimbap is surely much better than sushi which is kinda weird because they both look alike and I'm guessing they should probably taste the same too..

Okay anyways, even though Rachell and Peishi are always eating yummy food, they never seem to grow fat :/ They both are like super gorgeous and slim. Yes, they use make-up but it's only to enhance their beauty. And they even have sponsors!! For hair and even nails. I swear I have ugly toenails. There was once I went for a pedicure and I chose this really light pastel pink nail polish. When the manicurist tried on my toes, it couldn't be seen because my toenails were dark. Hence, I had to choose a darker colour that is visible on my toes. So I went with a dark turquoise nail polish. It turned out pretty though I would have preferred the pastel pink :( But currently, I don't have any nail polish on my toes. So wherever I go, I wear flats or sneakers. I don't wear sandals or slippers because I hate revealing my toes.

I don't think I have a sense of style either. Wherever I go, I just put on a t-shirt and jeans or three-quarter pants. My friends even complain that I'm always wearing jeans. I'm not those girly type so I don't really wear skirts or dresses. The only time I wear dresses is for occasions like a birthday party or something. I think I'm more of the boyish kind. Even my mum says I'm better off being a boy. I mean I prefer sneakers over heels, jeans over skirts and t-shirts over dresses. But I'm pretty sure all girls want to be pretty at some point of time. Maybe I should get out of my shell and start trying new things..

Okay so two days back, I went to Universal Studios Singapore for the first time with my friends. It was super awesome. I literally went crazy when I entered it! All the rides were so awesome! Especially the roller coasters. Saw Frankenstein the moment we entered USS. I didn't manage to see Marilyn Monroe or even get a picture with Po from Kungfu Panda :( Everyone was so tired at the end of the day. It was a really fun but tiring day. But my neck still hurts. Probably the after-effect of all those rollercoaster rides.

And I have camp tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to it because I heard that we're gonna be sleeping in rooms and there's air-con! Lucky us. It's a leadership camp for student councillors and apparently grassroot leaders like the ministers and all also went for this camp for training if I'm not wrong. Hopefully the camp is fun.

Shall end my post here. I'll try to not disappear for a long time. Do follow my twitter at @shakinghearts. I'm more active there. Even if I'm not blogging or I'm MIA, I will update my twitter at least once a day, so yeah. Oh and help click my nuffnang. It's located at the bottom of the page↓ thank you!

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