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hai! long time no blog~ LOL was freaking lazy + no time. it's been a year already since i've last blogged. as you can see, i'm starting afresh whoo! hopefully, i can keep my blog alive this time. i actually had no intentions to blog, but ami encouraged me :D so life's been a bore. and 2011's coming to an end in like 4hours time? x__x school's re-opening and i didn't do most of my homework, but finished all the tamil homework cos' for sure teacher will collect one! next year sec 3 alrdy. another one more year, and olevels, here i come! -___-

so,class time-table was released yesterday and i found out mr edwin lee is gonna be 3E1's form teacher and everyone's like 'who the heck is he?' LOL seriously no one heard of him before! but i did some research and found out that he's a new teacher who used to teach in montfort secondary and was the hod of science for that school and yeah. next year srsly got alot of new teachers, even got angmor teacher! x__x but unfair lor, the angmor teacher never teach 3E1 anything -__- i'm just so happy patti's out of school! no more torture alrdy :P but my sis told me mrs nani damn strict. haishhhhhhhhhhhh.

have been really active in twitter nowadays. twitter is awesome hehe, heck care facebook alrdy! december has been an awesome month! went out with family friends (considered cousins alrdy) many times this month >< orchard la, vivo la, kidsamaze la, prawning la and even genting! woo srsly genting trip was so damn fun thanks to them <3 i wish we were in genting again, getting scared and screaming our heads off in the haunted house, playing twister in the hotel room, shouting 'osthi mameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee' (it's an indian thing) while riding the indoor roller coaster, and giving ridiculous dares to whoever who chose dare when we played truth or dare.

have been sleeping late these days also, like around 2/3+ am. everyday also secretly talkbox with cousins >< but now not so often alrdy cos' my cousin go work and yes it's nightshift :( but it's a good thing cos' i'm starting to adjust my body clock before school re-opens. the only thing i'm looking forward to when school re-opens is sec 1 orientation!!!!!!!!!!!!! whooooooooooo~ can get to skip class lots of time ^___^ plus, i bet it's gonna be damn fun. but too bad no overnight ;(

meh shall end post year! need go get ready for countdown, heading to JB to countdown with our own fireworks :p but before i go, happy advanced new year!!!! hopefully 2012 will be a better year *crosses fingers*

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